June 21, 2021

Buffalo Central Terminal – Haunted and Abandoned


Buffalo Central Terminal
Location: Buffalo, USA

Buffalo Central Terminal is a former railroad station in Buffalo, New York. An active station from 1929 to 1979, the 17-story Art Deco style station was designed by architects Fellheimer & Wagner for the New York Central Railroad.

After years of abandonment, it is currently in derelict condition, but is now owned by the non-profit preservation group Central Terminal Restoration Corporation, which is currently working to restore and re-purpose the complex.

The Central Terminal is located in the city of Buffalo’s Broadway/Fillmore district.

The Haunted and abandoned Buffalo Central terminal has been looted for artifacts, vandalized by bored delinquents, used for art exhibitions, explored by ghost hunters, and recently sold for $1.

The Buffalo Central Terminal was an important hub servicing hundreds of trains daily. Today it stands abandoned and haunted.

The Art Deco architectural masterpiece is said to be haunted by ghostly apparitions waiting for trains that will never arrive.

Abandoned since: 1980