July 27, 2021

Ghost Town – Tyneham, Dorset, UK


British Ghost Town

Dubbed “the village that died for England”, Tyneham was a small fishing community on the Dorset coast until 1943, when the area was requisitioned by the government in preparation for the D-day landings.

Unlike many other requisitioned villages, Tyneham’s residents were not allowed to return after the war and the area is now part of the Ministry of Defence’s Lulworth range. As long as you don’t visit during a military training exercise (seriously, stick to the footpaths), you can take a look at the village, which now consists of the remains of the residents’ cottages, a 1929 K1 telephone kiosk, the church and the school – where the displays are still intact.

The village was last inhabited in 1943 so there is no cafe or shop.