June 21, 2021

McRainey House, Elmodel, Georgia


The Archibald McRainey house was constructed in 1909 for the McRainey family and their servants. Archibald McRaney was born in North Carolina and moved to Baker County and then made his fortune in turpentine and lumber. The McRainey operation put Elmodel on the map and helped make this community one of the largest in the county.

The McRainey home was the first in the county to have running water, electricity, and three bathrooms. Pumping water up to the upper levels were difficult, however, due to there not being enough pressure to pump the water up the pipes. Behind the house is a brick cold storage house with eight inch thick walls, a marvel at the time. The house is rumored to have hidden doors which go to secret panic rooms and large murals on walls.