June 21, 2021

Takakanonuma Greenland Amusement Park

While Japan is known for cool things such as samurai swords, festivals, amazing food, and technology, it is also known for terrible things. Just think dolphin slaughter and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. If that wasn’t enough, the country is often the target of terrifying natural disasters, such as massive earthquakes and tsunamis.

Inevitably, the island nation also has quite a few creepy tales surrounding it. Just one of these is the Takakanonuma Greenland amusement park in Fukushima, which was abandoned in the 1970s after being operational for only two years. Rumor has it that several people lost their lives on the rides, while others maintain that ticket sales were very low due to a lack of interest.The park reopened in 1986, but it closed down again in 1999. It now lies abandoned in a forest. It seems that nearly every picture taken of this park shows the place enshrouded in a thick mist, making it look even more creepy. Photos also show how the forest is slowly reclaiming its territory by growing up and over the remains of the roller coasters and other rides.


The spookiest thing about the place, however, is that officially, it never even existed. It’s not listed on maps, and there is no official information to be found about it anywhere.