July 31, 2021


The abandoned Diplomat Hotel


Left rotting for 30 years!
Most people around the world flock to tropical locales like the Caribbean to spend their vacations. However, in much of the Philippines, it is so oppressively hot that vacations are often spent in Baguio City, an area known for its cool summers. Baguio is home to many hotels, but few possess as sinister a pedigree as the Diplomat.

Originally built as a seminary and vacation house by the Dominican Order of the Catholic Church, the property allegedly harbored great bloodshed in the 1940s. During World War II, there were tales of an invading Japanese army who slaughtered refugees within the wall of the building, then later bombed it. The property was rebuilt in 1947 as a hotel, then remodeled in 1973. When it’s then-owner, faith healer Tony Agpaoa, died in 1982, the property fell into disrepair and was shuttered.

The hotel has been decaying for more than 30 years and locals and visitors alike claim that it is haunted by the spirits of those killed during the war. After dark, bloodcurdling screams have been reported to emanate from the property. Spirits supposedly sighted include priests and nuns, as well as those beheaded by Japanese swords. The ruin is open to the public for those brave enough to risk spectral encounters.