June 21, 2021


The abandoned Grossinger’s Catskill Resort And Hotel


The Grossinger’s Catskill Resort And Hotel has been left to rot for 26 years!

Grossinger’s Resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York is probably best-known as one of the inspirations for Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze’s star vehicle. During its heyday in the 1950s and ’60s, Grossinger’s was one of the jewels of the “Borscht Belt,” one of the preeminent tourist destinations in all the world. Its stages attracted the best comedians, such Mel Brooks, Danny Kaye, and Jackie Mason. It was visited by famous sports stars and boxer Rocky Marciano even trained there. The ballroom saw many black-tie dinners and dancing into the wee hours. The hotel was like a city unto itself and even had its own landing strip.

Business fell off precipitously in the 1970s, when young people began to flock to tropical destinations like Hawaii and the Bahamas, turning a blind eye to stodgy institutions like Grossinger’s. The hotel limped along for a few more years before finally closing its doors in 1986. More than 25 years later, only the golf course remains open.

Grossinger’s has become a popular spot for “urban explorers.” The photos they take paint an eerie picture of decayed glory. Graffiti abounds, fixtures have been torn from the walls, and plaster and broken glass litter mildewed carpets. Offices are stacked with paperwork dating from the Reagan administration. Easily the most surreal part of the hotel is its natatorium, which boasts an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Trash sits in a few brackish inches of water in the deep end. The greenhouse effect of its massive windows has caused a fecund growth of moss, weeds, and ferns amidst the scattered deck chairs, proving once and for all that nature finds a way.