July 31, 2021


The Abandoned Teufelsberg NSA Listening Radomes in Berlin


The Teufelsberg Listening Field Station and abandoned NSA Radomes of Berlin are just off of Teufelsseechaussee 17 in Berlin, Germany.

Teufelsberg or Devil’s Mountain is an artificial hill made of rubble from debris of Berlin following World War II.

There are other man made rubble mounds through out Europe but this one is unique because underneath the rubble lies the unfinished Wehrtechnische Fakultät, a Nazi military technical college. The school was designed by architect Albert Sperr and proved faultless when the Allies tried to demolish the building using explosives.

The building would not falter so it was decided to just cover it with debris. Initially it was sought to make Teufelsberg as high as the natural elevation of Großer Müggelberg but it is in fact taller, measuring 394 feet tall, 17 feet taller than Großer Müggelberg. ‘The Hill’ is the name Teufelsberg earned from American soldiers who worked there beginning in 1961, when the US National Security Agency built one of its largest listening stations on top of Teufelsberg. In 1963, construction of a more permanent facility on top of Teufelsberg began and continued monitoring the Soviet, East German and other Warsaw Pact nations military traffic.

At the end of East Germany in 1990, the Field Station Berlin was decommissioned. The land was bought afterwards by a group of German investors who wanted to transform the listening station into hotels and apartments. There was talk to turn the listening station into a spy museum but as the land and station have become encumbered with a mortgage of nearly 50 million dollars.