July 27, 2021

The mystery of the Springfield three.

On June 6, 1992, the Springfield, MO News-Leader predicted partly cloudy conditions that night with lows in the sixties. Suzanne Streeter and Stacy McCall had just graduated from high school and they’d been at a party till just after 2 a.m. when they headed into the cool night for Suzanne’s home on 1717 E. Delmar.

Stacy, Suzanne, and Suzanne’s mother Sherrill Levitt were never seen again.

The disappearance of one person might be intentional. Maybe they just wanted to begin a new life. The disappearance of two teenage girls and one girl’s mother is obviously something else altogether.

It was obvious from the beginning that whatever happened probably happened fast. There were no signs of struggle, yet everything someone might take with them was still there—purses, clothes, cars, cigarettes, and Levitt’s and Streeter’s dog.

The last anyone heard from Levitt was a phone call around 11 p.m. the night of the 6th. She was likely asleep before she and the girls left, as it was obvious she’d gotten out of bed. So, the trio vanished into the night sometime after 2 a.m.

There’s a $42,000 reward for any information that leads to finding whoever kidnapped Sherrill, Suzanne, and Stacy.