July 27, 2021

The strange mansion of Mr. H, Japan


This strange home belonged to the mysterious Mr. H is one of Japan’s most famous abandoned buildings.

The mansion was built in 1928 by a Mr. H, a Japanese politician. Mr. H held a position within the Freedom and People’s Rights movement, a group which was in part credited with the establishment of Japan’s first constitution in 1889. As such, Mr. H could doubtless afford such a spectacular home; unfortunately, the mansion was constructed in 1928, a mere two years before his death.

It seems likely that he did not live there much, and it is unclear as to who may have inhabited the house for any length of time. There is no indication as to how long the mansion has been derelict for, but it has remarkably retained the charm and grandeur it must have had in its heyday.


These pictures capture the beauty of the inside, long before it was left to decay.